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FERRY ARDIANTO was born in Jakarta in 1957. Upon graduating in Economics from Bandung's Pajajaran University, Ferry decided to follow his life long passion and hobby of Photography. During the mid 1980's he founded "Infinity Photo", a studio specializing in commercial work. In 1986 Indonesia Magazine “SARINAH” consigned Ferry to provide the Magazine photographic lovers, his dynamic style proved popular; Ferry has been Sarinah's photographer ever since.

In 1998 “FOTO MEDIA” magazine of photography recognized his talent by placing him as the Expert Staff of the promotions and Advertising division. Ferry regularly attends International Standard Seminars and Workshops and he attended the most prestigious seminar on “Technique of old script photography” organized by the British Council and British Library.

To be able to transfer his ideas and imagination into superb photos, he chooses The “Media still Life” Technique.

A combination of creativity, “The eye” and commercial realization have set him apart from his fellow photographers. These strong points make him what he is now.

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